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IGWR is an initiative that emerged from the community of St Paul’s Church in Beaconsfield Western Australia. t is currently providing full-time education for a number of children who would not have had the opportunity for an education; and is supporting and seeking to enable a number of small (hands on) projects in Nepal.

IGWR has also provided support for projects in Indonesia and although our focus is now primarily in Nepal we remain interested and supportive of the work of The Wins Projects in Bali.

We facilitate, create and support opportunities for educational development by enabling partnerships and providing direct skills and support structures that will offer applicable assistance with the given cultural context.


IGWR- Inc. In Giving We Receive Inc. is an incorporated body in accord with the Associations Incorporations Act(1987).
Our primary revenue raising activities are conducted under the umbrella of St Paul’s Anglican Church in Beaconsfield WA.

Our “Mission”


  • To promote, support and maintain educational opportunities and initiatives for children and adults that do not have access to such opportunities and initiatives – predominantly in (but not limited to) Nepal, Indonesia, Africa and Australia
  • To create ‘Sponsor Partnerships’ to underwrite individual educational expenses.
  • To support low income schools in developing countries and/or disadvantaged communities in order to enhance the educational opportunities that the school/community can provide and maintain.
  • To provide and/or support the social welfare of families in order to facilitate educational opportunities for family members.
  • To promote the association’s initiatives together with the concept: It is in Giving that We Receive

To go beyond samsara and nirvana, we will need the two wings of emptiness and compassion. From now on, let us use these two wings to fly fearlessly into the sky of the life to come. H.H. Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche


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