1 2011 How good Lord to be here, and how wondrous are the works of the Lord.

Having been here for just a week we seem to have done so much and encountered so many people, old friends and new. It was a delight to visit the children at Snowlands School once again – our children; and at the same time the emotional balance was again challenged by the agenda/performance of those running the school.

Raja, who manages the affairs of IGWR (In Giving We Receive) in Nepal, arranged a lunch for all who have been helped by us, held in the house we have rented for the five children we took under our wing last year. Forty-two people attended the lunch – our family, those who feel blessed by our efforts and the very same who bless us.

This is ‘Divine work’ and at times it is ‘playing God’, which after all IS the whole Christian enterprise. That can sound somewhat over-the-top, however ‘Australia’ plays God with the lives of refugees; we are challenged here to do the same, however, we have a different God.

Today we went to a rural school that (in many respects) is more needy than Snowlands, and at the same time has more integrity. They received us as we might receive a saviour, for they desperately need to know what resurrection might look like. In the next few days we will develop a project outline and seek to bring new life into this tomb/womb of promise.

The emotional energy seems to ask more of us than of those who come here to climb mountains. Playing God, making real resurrection, living in Christ; these are more than Sunday morning rituals… they ask more of us and give more to us. Here we are alive in the spirit of St Paul’s, each morning as I sit crossed legged on my bed and engage the ritual of morning prayer, I know that there is a oneness that is OUR giving, and it does make a world of difference.

The Future Belongs To Those Who Believe 

In The Beauty Of Their Dreams.


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