Postcard from Nepal 10 -2010 visit

4 Nov 2010

Yesterday AMTM (the team of french doctors) completed the medical examinations of every child in the school. It is quite an exercise to witness from all angles – from the apprehension followed by relief of the children, to the professional and also delightfully caring work of the AMTM team. Finishing just before lunch, there was then eager anticipation for the entertainment provided by the children – Two hours of singing and dancing punctuated by grateful speeches. When AMTM responded it was to applaud the improvement in overall health from last year to this year.

In amongst all this I have been enjoying time with the children and today (having worked with one of the boys over the last couple of days – in secret) I gave him a copy of his “book” – twenty six bound pages of his own writings. Then downloaded another 600 photos taken by various kids as they share around my camera.

I’ve also had a couple more meetings with AMTM to look at the future of the school and it looks very promising.. They also see the need/value in making improvements that will give these children some real options in the future, and now we have to work out a proposal that will see us all working together to secure a couple of houses for the older children and also a process whereby we can contribute to their ‘after school’ futures.

I’ve also moved to a swanky “park village’ complex some 20-30mins outside of town. it is so quiet I could be at New Norcia! I’m missing the energy and the buz of being right in the middle of town, but keep telling myself I need the space to work/think and reflect.

The balancing of energy is compensated for by negotiating the traffic on my motorbike…. going to and from school each day is filled with the adrenaline rush that comes from the suicidal motoring practices of Kathmandu’s roads and then with the open love so freely shared amongst the children….. it is an intoxicating mix that fills my day and certainly ensures I sleep well. I seem to be as busy here as I am back at St Paul’s and it is a delight to know that in both cases I am blessed with living in the flow of the Divine.

Of course God is ‘The Creator’, not only the source and the end of all that is found in  love, but also the very energy of  love’s creative life…. We have just begun the 5 days of the Tihar (Diwalli) festival and will soon be chasing away the darkness with light… Some will place small oil lamps in every doorway, others will open their hearts and the light will find its own way in…

I continue to wonder what to do in order to help Suraj – Raja an I are getting plans together to find a new home for his family… And yesterday we met with him to look at ‘options’. Raja will take him to Sabanam’s school so he can be educationally assesed and then he/we can determine if schooling is an option and if not – then what!

There is a sense that everything is coming together, however here in Nepal “together” can also mean complete disarray!

We continue in faith.. to do what we can – step by step… seeking the light and giving from that place where we know we (and all) are blessed….

Peace & Love

Peter H………………… [PS Rinpoche is in one of the photos…… he is the one with the hat!]


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