Postcard from Nepal 9 -2010 visit

31 Oct 2010 continued

The team of French doctors (AMTM – check them out via google) arrived this morning and the school put on a well rehearsed welcome… School band, singing, garlands…. It was a delight to see.
The doctors set up very quickly and soon the children were being directed through the process of full medical checks……
I of course did a few of my own – and reading through the kid’s medical records shows a vastly different upbringing to what we might have experienced……..

Within the first 3 hours the dorctors had completed 60+ children… a good sign for the quicker they go through the healthier they are.
The last couple of days, today and tomorrow are all focussed on these annual medicals…… the children are amazingly patient – and readily display their sense of fun and happiness….
This really is a place to see the divine light shine very brightly.
Today was also the first time I went to school on my own – by motorbike instead of taxi.. So I also arrived with a good charge of adrenaline!

I had a meeting with some of the AMTM team and the school principal & manager… and we’ve made some progress in terms of considering the future of the school – at least it is now a discussion with all interested parties on the same page……. We will see how discussions evolve over the next couple of days.

In the afternoon  I went with Raja to look at an apartment… and I move in tomorrow.
I’m not staying any longer –  mutual friends(Fiona & tom), from the USA had booked this fabulous two bedroom hotel/resort apartment for a month, sadly they had to return early – and offered me the apartment to use as it is already paid for…..
it is located about 1/23 hour on the bike from where I am now – so is quieter and set in delightful grounds……
Although I’ll miss the hustle and bustle of being in towm – it is good timing – With discussions at the school unfolding there is much to think about and work out… And having been here nearly a month, there is also much to sit quietly with and reflect on.

When you see the pics… you’ll see the smiles…. today one of the kid’s took around 400 photos at the school… and that is 400 shots of delight.
In our discussions regarding the future of the school – One of the things I stressed is that we must be careful of any changes – as we do not want to spoil that which is already working so well…

Again I will sleep well – the energy of the day fills me with a fullness the overflows….

In giving so little – so much is received……. How Good Lord to be Here.


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