Postcard from Nepal 8 -2010 visit

31 Oct 2010
Preparations for the visit tomorrow of the AMTM team of French doctors is all encompassing at the school… No lessons (again) today as everyone is involved in preparations. All the Children have a good wash/scrub…. and then wander about cold and wet… the classroom, bedrooms  and everywhere is being swept and tidied. posters, pictures and all sorts of decoration add colour to the whole place, and as I left at 5pm today the colourful marquees were being erected……
All week various groups have been practicing music/dance items and the level of excitement is very tangible…..

Discussions with the school regarding “where to from here’ are silent… When I asked the principal today – he said his had not got his thoughts sorted out yet….. in Nepal, one has to just wait and see what if anything evolves.

Suraj’s eye continues to heal well…. it is still somewhat closed (as before but he can fully open it. I think he’ll need to practice, although he’s not known for putting his mind to things that move forward….. We still have much to sort out for his family, and most of the doing will be left with raja to complete. Like last year, I am creating some distance with Suraj so that he has to look beyond using me for a meal ticket and some quick cash…… hopefully in the next few days (only 12 days left) we’ll have a more realistic appraisal of where he goes from here.

The days are starting to get colder, though still warm when the sun is up.. and the whole of Nepal is preparing for the next festival Tihar/Diwalli…. The festival of light.

In amongst all the “work” there are many opportunities to delight in the energy and the spirit of the children… and many opportunities to reflect on what the coming of light truly asks of us all.


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