Today’s Gospel

24 Oct 2010
As I sit in transit at Hong Kong airport………reading today’s Gospel (thanks to Gabby’s thoughtfulness in forwarding the service sheet)……I am amazed at how apt it is for all of those of us recently in Kathmandu spending time with the Snowlands children and the many sponsored people within Marie’s network.

“sell all you own and give everything to the poor”

This experience in Kathmandu gives insight into just how little we give can achieve so much to those in need……….but for me this gospel passage says more about the spirit within the giving and receiving………the spirit of scarcity which drives us to fret about financial security on a personal level, and underscores our refugee policy in Australia.  If we are able to divest ourselves of the need to ‘own’ what is our ‘own’, the spirit of generosity in giving everything of ourselves to those less fortunate becomes more real and meaningful.
I read in a Nepali article in a local magazine …….
“Giving is sharing what you have. Not what you have in excess – like ‘ridding’. When ridding you say ‘poor soul’. When giving, in a true sense, you feel happy.  Ridding mildly swells the ego.  Giving greatly fills one with joy”.

And from the Joel reading

“your old men shall dream dreams and your young men shall see visions”

Nepal finds itself today in political turmoil which is making the future of the country uncertain and economic growth slow. The national budget consists of 60 per cent foreign aid and the remittances of those forced to find work abroard. The history speaks very much of the dreams of those of a past era, where there was promise of wealth and success and gainful employment………….but the Nepal of today requires the strength and courage of the young men with realistic visions of what is achievable and what will improve the quality of life for all in a country where only 8 million of the 23 million people (in 2005) were functionally literate………there is a call for education………but the private schools which offer a ‘better’ education than the government schools have a focus on making money for the owners rather than giving the children the necessary knowledge to equip them for jobs and sustainable lives as adults.

And having said all of this spending just one day with the Snowlands children or any of the families who are struggling to get ahead through education funded by sponsors, you are deeply aware of all that they have to give in love and trust and hope…………are we able to put our hands up for what that calls from us?

x Kim


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