Postcard from Nepal 6 -2010 visit

21 October 2010

1. Painting
the St paul’s “team” organised for the painting of two girls dorms, two boys dorms and various other bits and pieces

2. The Snowlands football team “B”:
we went along as the support group and watched a great game played in a dustbowl

3. Being Blessed
Tika applied to the forehead for this auspicious festival… we were invited by this family for the ceremony and for lunch….
And it is the home/family of Paras – a delightful man and captain of the Nepal cricket team

4. On top of the world
sunrise on the Himalayas – and we were “on top of the world’ – richly blessed

5. At the feet of a master
Madhu a traditional “Thanka” painter (sacred icons) welcomes Joan – and all of us with tradtional hospitality

6. More Blessings
All of us at Suraj’s family home for his sisters ‘coming of age’ ceremony – This picture shows their whole home…….

7. All you need is love…
The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams……..

Peace & love
from the cameras of Kim & Joan


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