Postcard from Nepal 5 -2010 visit

Postcard from Nepal 5 -2010 visit

There is a beauty in the mountains, a clearness in the running streams, a busyness in the city, love in the peoples smiles and also the smog of pollution… Nepal and the Himalayas provide an amazing reflection of our inner landscape.

We’ve had three visits to a hospital in the last two days as we have taken five children for assessments with a wonderful surgeon who operates in a hospital that runs entirely on donations…. This afternoon I will take Suraj once again for an assessment by an anesthetist in readiness for an operation to correct his eye problem…. Today Massab underwent an operation to further release his growing arm from the scars of of a terrible burn suffered years ago.. Massab is used to hospitals – Suraj is not!

Tomorrow – all being well – Suraj will come to the hotel at 7.30 and we’ll take him off to the hospital for a operation that will open his eye and so give him a new perspective on life……

Pray that we all may receive the same and in our journey may also see with new vision.

The mountains within are there to be climbed, and offer us views we cannot see from the valleys of our everyday experience… The rivers are the tears that constantly flow within as we encounter opportunities to bring life and to give life.. as we rejoice in the love that holds us and that enables us to hold others……

The busyness of the city noise is stilled in the silence of our prayers…. And in that silence we hear the Divine word that clarifies the tears and turns them into streams of living water…. And the smog of pollution; reminds us of the life we lead, the words we speak the work and activities that we participate in….. Some of these will take away the stunning view, others will clear the air and give us a view that is almost too wonderful t o comprehend……

How good Lord to be here.


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