Postcard from Nepal 3 – 2010 visit

Wednesday already………  This afternoon had a siesta……. It is amazing how much has been happening and each moment of every day is filled with amazing and delightful experiences…

Sunday’s Church service began with an expectation of many blessings – there were five priests behind the altar. However, when the invitation to communion clearly excluded many – we all felt how blessed we are to have St Pauls.

The “Pilgrimage of Hope” dinner for the Christ church School children again reflected that  the children who came found the whole experience “Life Changing” – another wonderful example of ‘It Is In Giving That We Receive’…

Monday was FULL-ON… starting  6.30am we headed off to the school and then crammed 160 Children, 20 Staff, 20volunteers, all of us and a few others into four buses for the hour and a half drive to a delightful picnic spot… As the ONLY outing for the whole year you can imagine the excitement amongst the children….

The trip is beyond words…… and when our bus got a puncture…. We just crammed even more into the bus following and continued on….. The day was filled with great food (St Paul’s helping in the kitchen) and much fun…. I haven’t been in a sack race for years…. Wait till you see the video!

The older children had arranged a program of games and by the time we left 5.30pm – the sun was going down the mozzies were out and we were all nearly dropping (either with full hearts or just plain worn out)..

The trip home was filled with singing and sick bags – sitting on the floor at the entry steps to bus with a shopping bag full of vomit.. and yet singing, laughing and smiling at the sheer joy that filled the whole bus.

Since then we seem to have done 101 other things as well – never stopping.

Today we went to the Leper Hospital (Shanti Sewa Griha) and we’ll be going back there again next week.

Kim has taken on a new interior desighn commission and tomorrow we will be painting the Girls dorm at the school…. If we get 5 mins we may even send another postcard…

Peace & love (oh so much love) Peter H


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dee and Ruth Shelley
    Oct 28, 2010 @ 07:26:54

    Great to read your cheerful news —- What a time you are having and what an example you will be leaving behind. Do not wear yourselves out, we want a rejuvenated people come home. Not a mere fragrement of your former selves

    Much love Ruth and Dee.


    • phumphris
      Nov 01, 2010 @ 11:50:47

      It is in giving that we receive… and so we should anticipate a return that is more than rejuvenated.. in fact one that is filled to overflowing


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