Postcard from Nepal 2 – 2010 visit

Yesterday (Saturday) a short time out from the group – I went to visit Suraj’s family in their “Home” in Kathmandu.  Suraj was the street kid I met last year and having arranged for him to get back into the school system he left after a few months and went back on the street – However the money I had sent enabled his mother and two sisters and brother to move to Kathmandu and all attend school.

The visit was my first meeting with family. As we entered the ground floor of the building it was so dark I could not even see Raja in front of me. we made our way up four floors by means of the rickety

wooden stairs – feeling our way through the darkness and slowly getting accustomed to the smell of urine… No electricity and no running water in the entire building and a family living in each room.

Mum, Surja (18), Nicha(13) and Surjon (19) were primed and waiting…. a beautiful  family living in the cramped top floor of an old and run down building… with a rat/mouse/ scurrying through the only cupboard in the room.

We delighted in meeting each other…… and shared some simple stories via Raja’s interpretation.
As we left I committed to Raja that we would find a new home for them before I leave – One with at least two rooms and running water – maybe even a toilet.

Later that evening I caught up with Suraj… and we shared some wonderful laughter and the unsaid delight that I had met his family.

23 million Nepalis live on less than $2 a day…. It does not take much to make a huge difference in such a community and so too to make a difference in the world.

Tonight we’re off as a group – now somehow expanded to 14 – to the final dinner for the Christ Church Grammar Pilgrimage of Hope… and we continue our pilgrimage with the flame of hope well and truly kindled……

Peace & love


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  1. Gabby Dean
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 10:49:25

    I found this story very interesting and touching. I am curious about the housing situation – how available is rental accomodation? how delightful that the other children are at school. Are there any jobs to be had after they finish?


  2. Gabby Dean
    Oct 13, 2010 @ 13:26:14

    Meanwhile back at the ranch, preparing the service sheet these words from a hymn we haven’t had before, called “When a poor one who has nothing shares with strangers”, reminded me of the love that is pouring out of the emails from Peter and the one I got from Kim:

    “When our joy fills up our cup to overflowing,
    When our lips can speak no words other than true,
    When we know that love for simple things is better,
    Then we know that God still goes that road with us


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