Postcard from Nepal – 2010 visit

Having  missed my Sunday night flight – rebooked with another airline and got here on Thursday – Marie was  waiting at the airport with Harka ‘our driver’… Today is Saturday and already it feels like home and as if I have been here for ages…. I went straight to the school on Thursday and what a delight – it is a very real blessing to have 160 Children – I’m sure Abraham was a very happy man.

Our program/schedule here is being brilliantly managed by Marie and each day brings new friends together , new experiences and many wonderful delights.

The group are loving Nepal, and also find the school to be enchanting – albeit with so much to do!

Kim, the last of the group to arrive, should be here tonight and so tomorrow we’ll celebrate together at church and are then off for lunch at Raja & Sabanams house.. Raja is ‘our man in Nepal’ and today had helped to arrange the delivery of new sheets , pillow cases and towels for the school.. What a wonderful experience as we helped write the children’s names on all the linen and then went with them to make their new beds…. Every delight has a poignant aspect – as the children ran to their dorms to make up their new beds – some suddenly realized that they could not put their new sheets on the bed – because they sleep two to a bed and their ‘bed-mate’ had already enjoyed the delight of putting his sheets on the bed. Never mind – they will have another day of delight when they change the sheets.

So much to share about what we are delighting in – without a doubt… It is in Giving that we Receive… And don’t let the atheists fool you – There IS a GOD…… we see the Divine every day.

Peace & love

Peter H


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