Postcard from Kathmandu 4

28 October 2009

I’ve scrapped my travel plans for India and yesterday went and got my Visa for Nepal extended……… I will stay here till 16/11 and then fly direct to Bangalore to catch up with friends before flying back to Perth on 20/11…….
My current ‘schedule’ here is (was)…..
To stay at Snowlands school till 29/10 then two nights back at the Katmandu guest house.
I’m then heading to Bhaktapur (half hour drive) to meet with a mandala painter who wants to talk and introduce/share some time with me and his guru(teacher)
Then 6 days in Kopan Monastery….. before heading off to Nargakot to see Mt Everest (well glimpse from a long way away)….. Then back to the Katmandu guest house for 5 days before heading off to Bangalore……….
NOW…… I’m thinking of scrapping those plans and leaving Kopan/Nargakot so that I have more time at the school with the children……..
I get up at 6-6.30am….. shower and then go and walk for an hour to clear the cobwebs…. It also gives the volunteer who I share a room with a bit of time to get up/ready in peace…. We have breakfast in the house we’re staying in and then head off to school for 9am….. I have six periods with different classes/kids in each period and that takes us through to around 3pm……. A milky instant coffee at the local “coffee/milk shop’…. Maybe a visit to drop off laundry etc etc and back to the school to be with the kids till it gets dark (5.30-6pm)…..
Then home to my shared room……… and some computer time… reading chatting… before the two hour power cut (most nights)…… Dinner is always after the power cut so usually around 8.30-9pm…. After dinner the luxury of power again and so a chance to check/send emails (the house has internet access)…….Usually in bed and asleep by 11pm…..
Amongst all of that I’m trying to write an “observation” of what I see at the school and what might help to improve the situation….. The politics are very Nepalli and almost make our systems/government look efficient/effective……. Currently up to 15 pages and some 3,500 words….and that’s the second draft as it changes each day…..
I’m already up to 600 photos……. There are going to be some long boring evenings for all when I return!


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