Postcard from Kathmandu 3

24 October 2009

I have just walked home from the most beautiful place on earth……. I have a new appreciation of why the night falls…. And here in Kathmandu the night is further darkened by two hours of power cuts (there is not enough electricity to meet the demands of a full day)… the darkness comes to give me a quite place in which to cry my unseen tears.
The light of day is filled with so much love that I see myself renewed…more than that…. I discover a heart within that holds more than I ever thought it could contain….. And by the end of the day it is so filled that it overflows into the tears of the night…..
Another day with the Children… no lessons today as there is a team of French volunteer doctors giving health checks to all 158 Children…… So I’ve spent the day “waiting” with the children….. whose nicknames are easier to remember than their unusual Nepalli names… Egg, Black, Mouse, Barrack Obama, Thin eyes, Crooked path, Yak, Goat, Monkey, Bell…. So much love so freely exchanged……. And conversations that call on true depth….. The most beautiful place does not exceed any other place for it is fully (and maybe only) in the present moment…… I have been hugged, touched, stroked, and ‘played’ with by so many that I have felt myself really ‘with them’….. We have laughed so much as we share our stories together….. and we open up  together the possibility of dreams for tomorrow….. The questions they ask so openly…… open doors in my heart…. This is a place of rejoicing and blessing….. Tomorrow is Sunday… I shall return to the school in the morning and stay with them all day…… for I here is a place to know and honour the Divine…


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