Postcard 3

20 October 2009

Now into the fourth day of Diwalli celebrations…. and the festival of lights…. Much music, noise, loud fireworks.. and yet the pace is also quieter as it is a holiday season so less traffic on the roads and lots of places closed……..
I feel as if I am getting to know the place a little better – helped by a recent book I’m reading by a local economist who gives a critical – analyitcal history of nepal, its problems and its potential…… The three major players here… Government, Private Enterprise and Aid Agencies… all seem to have failed in so many ways…….
I had a delightful lunch with the in-country manager of “Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development”… a a couple of the AYAD volunteers from Australia….. amazing energy from two young women “giving” for the common good…… AND… for me a better appreciation of the Street Kids problem… and the plight of “Suraj” and 100’s like him… I’ve sent him to his home village for the Festival holiday….. I think!
Slowly getting my own ‘program’ organised and will be off to Snowlands school tomorrow…. The a couple of nights in Bhaktapur 1-3/11 to talk with a thanka painter and his guru…. Next… six days in Kopan monastery for some “contemplation’…… and then two nights in nargakot to “glimpse’ Everest……… Richly blessed!
The work on St Paul’s looks significant after so long waiting….. and seems strange that it is all happening now that I am away…… But that is also a very heartening realisation.

Pictures this time…
1. An in the street mandala made of beans, seeds, rice……. for the festival
2. pray without ceasing…… a young “monk”
3. Street side butcher’s ‘shop’….. Mmmm vegetarians – makes sense here….
4. Sitting with the Gods…..

peace & love

peter H


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